Chimeric Proteins

targeting of surface epitopes - the next generation of antigens! 

Having problems with antibodies? All structural and membrane bound proteins have domains that are either exposed to, or hidden from, the surroundings.
Alexotech offers a structure-based design of protein-antigens, where multiple surface exposed epitopes are selected and fused to a novel -chimeric protein. Our approach significantly increases the chances of acquiring highly efficient polyclonal antibodies that also will recognize the native fold of the target protein. The approach is also beneficial when targeting membrane proteins, e.g. when one wants to target loop regions on one particular side of the membrane.

Structure based design
Protein expression
Purification of 10 mg of protein >95% purity
Ultra-high purification of 2 mg for immunization >99%purity

Price 2100 USD + DNA construct 0.79 USD/base